Terms and Conditions

Terms, order and terms of providing goods and terms of their delivery.

Payment options:

- Cash payment in the showroom

- Payment by Visa and MasterCard payment cards

- Cash on delivery by Nova Poshta


Delivery to the "Nova Poshta" branch

-Usually delivery takes 1-3 days.

- The cost of delivery is calculated according to the tariffs of the delivery service.

-When receiving the order, you must have a passport or driver's license with you.

- Prepaid goods can be received only by the person for whom the delivery is made.

- We provide fast delivery of goods throughout the country. Shipping is done daily.


Showroom address: Odesa, "Athena" shopping center, Gretska square, 3rd/4th, 5th floor, office 502.

The showroom is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.

Online orders are also accepted on weekends.

Contact Information:

Limited Liability Company "TMS-TAKTIKAL";

EDRPOU 45044734;

Yur. address: Ukraine, 01010, city of Kyiv, Levandovska street, building 3-B;

Actual address: Odesa, "Athena" shopping center, Gretska square, 3rd/4th, 5th floor, office 502

phone: +380 (98) 276 54 54

Terms of exchange and return of goods:

According to the law of Ukraine, you can return the product.

This is a product of inadequate quality, if you purchased a product with an obvious manufacturing defect, you have the right to return such a product based on Article 8 "On the Protection of Consumer Rights". A product in which:

• it is impossible to eliminate the defect;

• it takes more than two weeks to eliminate the defect (repackaging).

The defective product is subject to return, after which you choose the method of compensation convenient for you:

• Exchange of the product for a similar one of the same quality (if the same one is not available at the moment, you can wait until it appears or choose another compensation method),

• receive another product for the same amount that you paid for the defective product,

• refund for the same amount for which you bought this product.

Rules for returning goods:

• You can call the contact numbers +380 (98)276 54 54 and clarify the entire procedure for returning or exchanging goods with the manager;

• specify your name, surname and order number on our website;

• if you do not have these data, indicate the city and the approximate date of placing the order so that the manager can find your order in the database and confirm that you are our client;

• indicate the reason for exchanging or returning the product;

• describe the defect or the reason for the exchange / return of the product and, at the request of the manager, provide a photo proof.

How to simplify the procedure for returning and exchanging goods?

Before picking up the goods from the delivery point of the carrier or courier, open the package and make sure that everything suits you. This will help you to significantly reduce the temporary costs of returning, in case of a factory defect, or you made a mistake with the choice.

Compensation of money for goods and delivery

1. If you refused the goods at the delivery point of the carrier or personally to the courier, you pay for the return delivery.

2. At the moment, we undertake to return your finances to you within 14 days from the moment of receipt of your application for the return of money for the purchase.

3. If you send non-conforming goods from the regions, you must send the goods to the sender without post-payment. This is done to avoid customer fraud. We have no guarantees that every customer will return exactly our product to us. After we accept the product in the office, check the completeness and determine the reason for the rejection of the product, we will return your money to you. We will compensate the money for delivery only in case of a factory defect.

To exchange a defective product or in case of lost/damaged return documents, contact

+38 (098) 276 54 54 or email info@tmstactical.com

Contact us

Shopping center "Athena", Greek Square, 3/4 office on the 5th floor


+380 98 276 5454
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