Reliable protection,
unwavering performance
and mobility.

About us
TMS Tactical is a Ukrainian brand of military clothing that owns its own production and uses Israeli military developments as a source of inspiration to achieve high standards of quality and efficiency. We strive to define ourselves as a manufacturer that provides high quality military clothing, specially adapted to the conditions of our region, taking into account geographical and weather features.
We pride ourselves on making clothing that not only meets reliability standards, but raises the bar even higher. We actively study and implement best practices borrowed from the Israeli military to ensure you not only look stylish, but also have absolute confidence in the quality of every seam.
We give you full control over the design of your workwear. The size, color, fabric, details of the overalls are all up to you.
You no longer need to settle for compromises - now you can personally create workwear that reflects your uniqueness.

Features of individual tailoring


You choose the style, color and details of the shape. We have several different colors and fabrics to suit your needs.


We give you the opportunity to add additional pockets, zippers and other elements that will make your uniform even more practical.


We pride ourselves on fast order processing. Your individual form will be ready in just one day.

When ordering a Tms Tactical uniform, a multifunctional package is included as a gift, which can be used in everyday life in any conditions.

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Shopping center "Athena", Greek Square, 3/4 office on the 5th floor

+380 98 276 5454
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