Tms Tactical

Fabric composition: 100% polyamide

Season: demi

Gender: male

Color: olive

Rigid and extremely durable 5 cm wide adjustable tactical belt with large fastex closure with safety button against accidental opening.

Polyamide belt tape, from which the belt is made, has high strength, wear resistance and water-repellent properties. A Velcro cover is sewn on the entire inner surface of the belt, with the help of which you can adjust its length for any waist circumference in a few movements. The belt will be useful for attaching all kinds of equipment and tools, thanks to its rigidity it will not be pulled back and deformed. A large fastex buckle will ensure instant removal of the belt if necessary.

The advantages of a webbing strap:

  • high strength,
  • resistance to deformation,
  • high flexibility indicators,
  • durability,
  • resistance to UV radiation,
  • resistance to acidic and alkaline environments,
  • pleasant tactile sensations,
  • resistance to burning.

Breaking load: 5000 N (509 kg-force)

The price depends on the dollar exchange rate!

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